By applying our expertise and networks we connect Nordic investment capital with companies in Kenya and Ghana that offer attractive investment opportunities


At the helm of our company stands our CEO, whose journey began in Burundi. Her early experiences, including a move to Sweden as a young girl due to her family's need for asylum, have enriched her perspective and grounded her leadership in resilience and adaptability. With three decades of experience spanning private enterprise and politics, she has held positions such as EVP of ÅF/AFRY, Senior Advisor PR, Cabinet Minister, and Party Leader. She studied Communication at Bergh, along with basics of law and industrial economy.

Throughout her distinguished political career in Sweden, including roles as the Minister for Gender Equality and Integration and Deputy Minister of Education, she has shown an unwavering commitment to progress and equality. Her tenure as the leader of the Liberal Party demonstrated her political acumen and ability to navigate complex organizational landscapes. Our CEO embodies a fusion of global experience and local expertise, driving our mission to invest in companies that champion innovation, sustainability, and social impact.

CEO & Founder


Our mission is to make Nordic Equity Investments in Africa as easy and natural as possible and tighten the well-proven funding gap holding back growth for small- and medium-sized companies. We are a firm that invest private capital in early-stage companies. We are committed to promoting innovative and sustainable solutions.


For a Brighter Future in Africa

We contribute to Africa's development and are driven by a positive belief in the future.



Honesty and Climate-Smart

We believe in business ethics that are honest and climate friendly.


Entrepreneurs as a Force of Change

Our values are based in a strong belief that entrepreneurs can impact society positively


In Harmony with UN:s Sustainability Goals

We contribute to Africa's development and are driven by a positive belief in the future.


A Unique Blend of Skills and Insights

Our team has wide experience in African markets. This on the ground knowledge we combine with sustainability. Combining all our expertise form the back-bone of our investment strategies